November election key

To the Journal editor:

The world is seeing another record year for average high temperatures. Death Valley saw the hottest temperature ever recorded anywhere on earth. California has never had more acreage burning at once. Hurricanes are causing floods, leaving some without power for weeks.

A well-designed legislative package to address climate change can begin the process of reversing these trends. The solutions actually create more jobs than are lost at virtually no cost to GDP. Charging a fee on fossil fuel production will enable our great free market to hum along, while lowering emissions to levels deemed necessary by international experts.

The financial costs of worsening climate change are only matched by the unimaginable human suffering that will result. We have an important duty to meet this challenge for the sake of those who will inherent this wonderful planet when we leave it. I argue that we put other matters on hold for this election, and vote for the candidates that we can trust to solve the most important problem this era.

Please encourage anyone who’s registered, to vote in November, and for those who aren’t, to get registered. If we elect the correct people, then we can rest assured that steps will be taken to enable a transition to clean energy economy without the gigantic monetary and bodily cost of extreme weather events.



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