Metsa has won his support

To the Journal editor:

Janet Metsa is running for the Michigan House of Representatives, district 110. I first met Janet as an MTU junior when she was still in high school — not yet Chassell’s valedictorian and not yet the recipient a full scholarship to MIT.

She was a dairy farmer’s daughter and perhaps the only one in her first year college class who knew how to milk a cow.

Much water over the dam later, she has run a consulting business in Hancock since 2005 with grants from the US Marines, the Army Corps of Engineers, and NASA to name only a few. She has served on the Keweenaw Economic Development Alliance working aggressively to get more businesses in the western UP. She has also served as Treasurer and Chair of the Houghton County Democratic Party.

Which brings us to the present. For the last two years the 110th district has been represented by a man who always votes with his own party, and has never introduced a piece of legislation or an amendment to any. (ref.-michiganvotes.com)

The district can do better. We need a representative who can do more than a robot following instructions from downstate programmers.

It is time for a change and an improvement in representation. It is time to keep Sisu in the U.P., and send Fiksu (smart) to Lansing.




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