Launch site in city?

To the Journal editor:

After looking into the dispute for placing the proposed launch site on pristine wilderness land, I have come to the conclusion that this is a simple land dispute between an owner and the neighbors.

After not being able to sell Granite Louma, this opportunity presented itself. So he takes it ….

Facts remain, this is not a large vessel site (SpaceX), this is a small science launch (smaller than the Marquette General Hospital elevator shaft). The noise level during a launch would be quieter than a train load of ore while loading or a group of Harleys going down the street.

Another fact is that we actually have a perfect industrial site that is in view of Third Street… could have the nation’s only “Rocket Hour” during a launch.

Our city officials are quick to say that is private land, but they are also quick to suggest an open mind. If MGH can be used at all, a Spaceport Operations Center (it, too, has a view of the site) and rocket launch site seems like something our city officials could be writing letters for, could be advocating for, could even send lobbyists to MAMA to push our case (do we still pay for one).

Similar to the Cliffs-Dow site, or the lighthouse purchase, it is possible for a city to own land as an intermediary before another private use.

Since the Marquette Senior High School motto is, “We are the future,” then we should start planning for it, a rocket launch site would be a great addition to that promise.


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