Launch location not good

To the Journal editor:

Full disclosure. I live three miles as the rocket flies from this proposed rocket launch site at Granot Loma. So, yes. I’m opposed to paving this part of paradise for this (or any) purpose. But you may find other more salient reasons to question the wisdom of even considering this location.

I’m sure many of you have noticed all of the trouble Marquette is having with shoreline erosion. The shoreline on both sides of the proposed launch site is comprised of sandstone. It’s brittle. It’s fragile. It’s crumbling. And that’s only the result of the rising lake levels and the intensity of storms.

Imagine adding to that the pressure of an enormous explosion that’s required for liftoff. I don’t see how the launch site doesn’t fall into the lake once the shoreline crumbles. It’s a ludicrous spot for this kind of project.

Surely there are more appropriate locations that will not literally fall to pieces. Whatever happened to the K.I. Sawyer location? I am really expecting to hear something much more substantial from our elected officials about how this site choice even became a viable option in the first place.

To be clear, I am not opposed to industry that supports higher paying jobs in the Upper Peninsula. I just don’t believe that this project in this location will survive even a single rocket launch- let alone support any kind for long term sustainable industry for our area. We can and need to do better than this.


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