Election key

To the Journal editor:

As an honest and educated person, you must be tired of all the lies and pseudo-science.

Being kind and considerate, you must sigh and feel regret every time someone is hatefully insulted, called a derogatory name, or belittled.

As someone who enjoys the outdoors, apprehension must tug at you every time you learn that another environmental law has fallen to greed and to the drive to make a dollar.

As a proponent of liberty and freedom you must want the quote on the Statue of Liberty, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” to once again have meaning and to reflect our nation’s compassion.

As a citizen of democracy, thoughts of authoritarian rule must run through your head when learning of the closure of over 2,000 polling places in the south, of rampant gerrymandering, and of prohibitive long lines and hours of waiting to vote in selective communities.

As an informed citizen, you realize that Turkey, Hungry, Belarus, and Russia also have so-called elections, and worry that if we continue down this political path, our elections could one day resemble theirs.

As one who supports a strong militarily secure nation, you must squirm when our political leadership cozies up to the authoritarian leaders of Russia and North Korea, while providing a cold shoulder to our staunch French, Canadian, German, and English allies.

As a Christian and patriot you must feel a bit hypocritical at being represented by an adulterous draft-dodger.

I am in my early 60s, a college graduate, a six-year army veteran with experience in AWOL/Deserter apprehension, NATO HQ security, and Criminal Investigations (USACIDC). Needless to say I support a national criminal justice system that is just, fair, and color blind.

I recently retired from working at our local university. It was a safe, clean environment which embraced science, research, diversity, and creative thought.

It was a micro-example of where our nation needs to be. Always, there is room for improvement.

One’s politics is a direct reflection and implicit consequence of how you live your life, of how you treat others, and of your personal beliefs.

On Nov. 3, stand up and vote. Vote your conscience and vote smartly for a better America.


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