Dr. Piggott thanked for service

To the Journal editor:

Dr. Kevin Piggott deserves our thanks and appreciation for coming out of retirement to take on the “part time” position of medical director of the MCHD last Fall. He could not have dreamed what challenges he would face as the COVID virus took over his job, and he has served with distinction.

I was disturbed to read in The Mining Journal that divisions in our society have caused problems for him personally and for the health department and has created a lot of the stress for these medical professionals. He notes that some people here in Marquette County have been unkind, critical and refuse to cooperate with the health department, thus hindering their effectiveness in containing the virus. Come on people! They are here to help! “We are all in this together.”

I wish Dr. Piggott well in his next round of retirement, and strength and community support to his successor.


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