Council lost integrity

To the Journal editor:

At a special meeting of the Ishpeming City Council Aug. 12, three of the five members changed their vote to allow a free to the public event sponsored by local Christian institutions at the Ishpeming Al Quaal area. With only three days left prior to the event, the rug was pulled out from under the organizers, the performers and those who had made travel arrangements as well as many local people wishing to attend.d

Those three members who changed their vote gave up their integrity and with it the integrity of the council as a whole..

Are there any more events that were planned and approved that will now have to be canceled as well because this sets a precedent? What about financial compensation to the organizers who laid out the money for printing signs and tickets as well as paying performers? There was, to my understanding, contracts signed by the city of Ishpeming and the organizers. Is this how the city goes business?

Pat Scanlon and Mike Tonkin had the courage of their convictions to stand by their earlier vote to allow the event. Congratulations to men of courage.

One thousand people had registered to attend the event (actually 500 for each of the two events) scheduled for that day. Some of them from out of state or out of county which was a cause for concern to the detractors. Looking a license plates I’ve seen from California, Florida, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio and others as I travel the local roads shows just how many visitors are here already. That horse is well and truly out of the barn.

One can quote all sorts of numbers related to COVID but there is enough conflicting info that people should be asking questions about the legitimacy of many of these restrictions.

While COVID numbers may be on the rise, I suspect much is due to more testing that is happening. Not all is due to new cases.

The council kowtowed to a small but vocal minority. A minority that has given up on life or at least a life worth living and has in the process usurped my right and the rights of others to live as well.

Shame on all of you for being so small.




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