Biden’s acceptance speech was impressive

To the Journal editor:

I was pleasantly surprised by vice-president Joe Biden’s acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention. Biden’s speech was forceful, masterful, and demonstrated a man of sincere empathy. A completely different Joe Biden is portrayed in the biased reporting on Fox News and in Republican paid commercials that capture a few embarrassing moments of Mr. Biden’s stuttering.

During the Convention we learned how Joe Biden overcame a childhood stuttering problem. Biden’s stutter is a neurological problem, often genetic, that affects about 3 million Americans and has no connection with mental ability. Biden’s uncle also had a stuttering problem.

Before Biden’s acceptance speech, Brayden Harrington, a 13-year-old, spoke about his own stuttering problem and how Biden had personally met him and gave him tips on how to overcome stuttering.

Twenty seconds into his remarks, Brayden began to stutter but showed courage and poise, and got through it. It was truly inspiring. Brayden’s story not only confirmed Biden’s great empathy and compassion, it also showed a contrast with President Trump who mocked a handicapped journalist during the first campaign after the journalist asked Trump a question. How insensitive and mean-spirited. Isn’t America supposed to be a place that builds those with disabilities up, gives a helping hand to the disadvantaged?

Biden concluded his Thursday night speech by saying: “For love is more powerful than hate. Hope is more powerful than fear. Light is more powerful than dark.” These words are a contrast to the dark and disparaging tweets we have heard every week from President Trump who mocks the handicapped and makes hurtful insults to anyone he dislikes.

Aren’t we better than that? Do we want another 4 years of constant angry tweets that divide us?




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