Believing in science?

To the Journal editor:

I have been amused by the recent promotion of scientists everywhere. “I am following the scientists.” “When I am elected I will follow the scientists.” “We are the party of science.”

Never before have so many who avoided science, science classes, and nerdy scientists talked so highly of everything they disdained. I guess it is their hope to persuade others of their emotional arguments by adding a dash of logic and science.

So, it is probably good to remind those who post signs outside their residence stating they believe in science why “science” is not the safe haven so many now clam to believe. First, there are few areas of settled science. Science by nature questions the status quo.

History is full of individuals who questioned the standard and paid the price. Galileo had the nerve to question “settled” areas of astronomy and paid a high price. Second, science takes time. Science is proven over time often by long experiments full of success and failure. The question should be which scientist are you following.

The COVID pandemic is no exception to the world of science. We know way more then we did 6 months ago, but we still know very little. There will be conferences and papers for years to come revealing what really worked and how little we knew or still know. The most frightening part of this pandemic is our feeling of the unknown.

We are in the mist of a big science experiment. So, far we have had 50 different governors try their hand at science experiments and still no conclusion. Wear your mask, don’t wear your mask, take this drug, no, outlaw that drug. The most aggressive quarantine/mask states had some of the highest rates of death. The pandemic appears to be slowing, thank goodness, but did our actions alone have this affect?

Beware of those who want to scale the mountain of their political ambition on the bodies of those who have died. They claim they would have saved lives if they had been in charge or if we will only put them in charge.

They can change the temperature of the world, end hurricanes, and now save your life from viruses. Their brand of Monday morning quarterbacking is designed only to stoke your fears to get your vote.

Beware of career politicians approaching you in masks promising to cure you by following the science.


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