Alternative proposed

To the Journal editor:

Several years ago, the Butler Theater in Ishpeming went up for sale. Richard Devlin decided to obtain it for the purpose of creating a gathering place for the town to enjoy music, performing arts and artisan crafts.

He was planning on taking care of expenses by selling items of interest, books and expanding into a snack shop. I helped with setting up a farmers market. He left the area last fall.

Before he left, he gave me a key to check on the building. When I heard what happened to the Vista Theater’s roof, I went and looked and there was a lot of water on the roof as the drains were plugged and there was a leak. Bill from the Strength and Fitness Center put in a temporary drain and it ran for 24 hours. I spoke to Dave at Main Street Antiques and we will try to address the issue of the leak.

The Butler could be an alternative for the PAAC to consider. It needs a complete cleaning and the seats from the Vista would have to be moved as there are no seats downstairs.

Also, there is the Merrick building nearby that could be used for prop and costume storage.

The cost would be a whole lot less than what they are facing now. Once they start to rebuild, everything will have to be brought up to code. That is going to be very costly. Well, it is just a thought.

I hope to have some fundraiser soon on behalf of the Butler to clean the drains and repair the leak.


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