All you need is love

To the Journal editor:

I agree with the premises in Mr. Lehto’s Aug. 12 letter and equally disagree with the Aug. 26 letter in response.

I know for certain, as certainly would Mr. Lehto, that African American citizens have suffered discriminations and abuse of all sorts throughout our history.

They were in segregated units during World War II, most of our founders owned them, they generally had no civil rights and only presidential intervention allowed their integration into white schools. We know this, so it isn’t some revelation that Mr. Lehto wouldn’t perceive.

I’m not Black or live in a large city, so I won’t pretend to know of their suffering and pain.

There is no vestige of Hitler or racism (in the government response) because these are not peaceful protests. What would you do?

Because mankind hasn’t the capacity to correctly judge, react, understand, deliberate or restrain, I’ll rely on the sermons of Jesus. It matters not if we were Stalin or Mother Teresa, he loves us.

What Jesus does not love is evil. Hating your brother without cause is evil. If I hurl a rock at an innocent merchant’s store because I perceive that an injustice was done by another, then I have done an evil thing. Jesus says to remove the mote from our own eye before we judge. If we are to judge, we must do it one person at a time. We are not to burn buildings or injure others and call it revenge, retribution, reparations or righteous frustration.

Long suffering African Americans can take solace in knowing that their creator is also long suffering … White or Black, those who persevere indignities with faithful lifelong kindness will receive their just reward.


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