RATI doing great work

To the Journal editor:

So many people and establishments deserve so much thanks and praise for their part in combating COVID-19 not only here in Marquette County but around the U.S.

Doctors, nurses, nurses aides, clean-up people, hospitals, police, firemen, first responders and health care workers, CNAs and so many more.

But I don’t hear much about homeless people and workers. Homelessness has been a huge problem for years, not only in Marquette County and our state but nationwide. Serveral task forces over the last 10-12 years from Marquette have tried to come up with solutions with homelessness, not enough to completely solve the problem. But that problem is for another day.

Right now, the Room at the Inn’s Mr. Emmendorfer and others need a lot of praise for what they have done during the pandemic and of course before the pandemic.

He and so many others have done so well with housing, food and general care. But during the pandemic, monetary donations would be a great help.

There is so much money being passed to a lot of people and businessness and none to the homeless or very little comparitively speaking.

Stimulus checks were handed to anyone who did and did not file taxes. Some needed it, some didn’t. I think we who didn’t need so much can afford a donation to the homeless via RATI and beyond, so I challenge all vet organizations and vets and anyone else to consider this plea.

Stop in or send donations to RATI or the warming center.



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