Electoral college invalid

To the Journal editor:

As I consider the upcoming election, I am overwhelmed knowing the ultimate decision for America is a moral one. The electoral college along with the U.S. Supreme Court decided to deliver George W Bush Florida’s votes as the Florida secretary of state stopped the count following an earlier remark by Jeb Bush, governor of Florida, he would deliver the state to his brother.

George W. gave tax breaks to the right, started unending wars based of lies and increased the deficit by $5.849 trillion, a 101% increase. (He) crashed the economy and millions went into foreclosure.

This is merely a snapshot of what was and what could have been. Fast forward to the current man in the White House versus an accomplished, proven, experienced woman who dedicated her life to work for the good of all. As a woman, I am confident that Hillary would have followed the science to stop COVID-19 from infecting our country endemically. The pandemic team would not have been disbanded but activated to test, trace, and contain as the science demands.

The majority of voters in 2000 and 2016 made the right choice, the electoral college has promoted the demise of our democracy and is no longer valid for the success of our country.


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