Build the tunnel

To the Journal editor:

Leonard Page’s latest letter regarding Enbridge’s Line 5 reminded me of a warped record album on which the needle sticks: It makes either an annoying scratching sound or keeps repeating lyrics. Both are irritating and it’s time to hear a new song.

The 1953 easement permitting Line 5 in the Straits contained numerous protections as does the October 2018 agreement to build the tunnel. The agreement also reflects federal law requiring a pipeline operator to pay for cleanup and restoration resulting from an incident involving its pipeline system. Enbridge has been on record that it will assume full responsibility for the cleanup of any incident along its pipeline system. It not only has the resources to satisfy the financial assurances contained in the 2018 agreement, but have shown its commitment to doing the right thing.

On top of that, it is investing $500 million to build the Great Lakes Tunnel Project, without any taxpayer costs. The tunnel would house a replacement segment of Line 5 deep below the lakebed in the Straits. This would increase safe operation of Line 5 and virtually eliminate risk of a spill. It also would enable Line 5 to continue to provide us the energy and fuel on which we rely every day. There is only one solution: Build the Great Lakes Tunnel.


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