Bergman called out

To the Journal editor:

This a copy of a letter I sent to U.S. Rep. Jack Bergman, R-Watersmeet:

Dear Rep. Bergman,

We know that the Republican Party has become the party of Trump. Its members seem to be deathly afraid that anything one of them does that displeases Trump will result in dire consequences for the dissident.

However, one would hope that a former military man, a retired U.S. Marine Corps lieutenant general, would have the honor to criticize the president, particularly when he commits egregious acts that many citizens find to be in direct violation to the rule of law, especially the military justice system.

Here are three examples:

≤ In November, 2019, Trump granted clemency and restored to rank three members of the military who had been tried, found guilty and sentenced by the military justice system for crimes against humanity. Very few Republicans spoke out against this contravention of the rule of law. In particular, you Rep. Bergman, made no public statement, including on your official website.

≤ Just last June, Trump’s justice department dropped the case against former general Michael Flynn who had previously pled guilty to lying to the FBI during the Mueller investigation. Again, few prominent republicans, including you, Rep. Bergman, had anything to say about the Trump administration’s flouting of the rule of law.

≤ Finally (recently), the Trump administration commuted the sentence of Roger Stone, who had been tried, convicted and sentenced for lying to Congress. Again, only one principled republican, Sen. Mitt Romney, had the intestinal fortitude to criticize Trump for once again putting his personal loyalties over the workings of the U.S. justice system.

Rep. Bergman, I can understand party loyalty — except for candidates for local offices, I cannot imagine supporting someone from the party of Trump. However, I can see myself criticizing a fellow-Democrat for actions that undermine the U.S. rule of law.

What about you, sir? Do you put loyalty to the party of Trump above your commitment to maintaining U.S. legal traditions? I hope not!



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