Give credit where credit is due

To the Journal editor:

Let’s talk about hazard pay for essential workers. If you are an employer currently recognizing your employees with additional pay for the risks they are taking, thank you. If you are not taking care of your people, shame on you.

The front line housekeepers/custodians, grocery clerks/baggers, retail clerks, cooks/servers, receptionists, bank tellers, etc are all fighting on the front lines for your business as well as their financial survival. Your business stayed open during COVID-19 or re-opened.

The tourists, even though many are inconsiderate, have put money in your pocket. The grocery stores have remained open to serve the public and are also making money. The only problem with some businesses is they are afraid to enforce mask wearing; they don’t want to offend people. I wonder why they don’t care about the folks wearing masks?

With the behavior that took place over the 4th of July by locals and visitors alike the risk to our essential workers has greatly increased. How about taking care of your employees.

By the way, the governor stated masks are mandated which means you are to wear the masks. Local governments should enforce the state mandates and stop worrying about hurting feelings or driving tourists away.

Enough said!

Timothy M. Bennett



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