Bond prop OK

To the Journal editor:

I am an avid backer of the Negaunee school system and athletic programs, as well as a 1982 NHS graduate.

Aug. 4 is a big day for all residents of the Negaunee School District. The Negaunee Public Schools will be asking the voters of the district to decide on a .99 mill bond proposal over 25 years. What does that mean to you and me? An average cost of approximately $3.90 a month.

Many are asking what is included in the bond proposal: Renovation of classrooms and offices at Lakeview Elementary, plus the addition of a classroom to handle the influx of students at Lakeview; hundreds of computers to keep up with the needs of teachers and students; windows and roof repair which is always needed.

Renovations of the middle school and high school libraries to turn them into streamlined state-of-the-art media centers; tech upgrades at the middle school including interactive touchsceens in all classrooms.

In addition, roof repair and window replacement. Overdue upgrades of the pool area and locker rooms at the high school, as well as technology upgrades similar to the middle school. A boiler replacement at the high school as well as roof repair would be done.

Lastly, an indoor practice facility to be built at the site of the old tennis courts on Arch Street. Students involved in athletics and marching band will benefit greatly from this facility.

This indoor practice facility will also allow community members to play softball, pickleball, tennis, Little League baseball and soccer.

The facility will also be open to community members for walking every day during the winter months including weekends. A weather-resistant facility in this area is invaluable!

This millage will have a great impact on the students, administration. educators and community for years to come. Please join me in voting “yes” on Aug. 4 and keep Negaunee great.

As always, Go Negaunee Go!


Negaunee Township


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