Backing Negaunee bond proposal

To the Journal editor:

As a retired teacher of the Negaunee Public Schools, I am adamantly encouraging all voters of the city of Negaunee, Negaunee Township and Richmond Township to support the bond issue on Aug. 4.

Now more than ever we need to continue our tradition of support for our school district. The bond issue, which includes a variety of important maintenance and infrastructure improvements, is crucial to the continued excellence of our beloved school district.

We are the proud owners of a top-notch school system and we need to continue our commitment to this treasure for our children, both current and future.

Buildings require maintenance — our schools are not new. I taught my first full year in the “new” high school and that was 34 years ago!

It is time for some investment in that building. And of course, Lakeview and the Middle School are even older and need updating and repair, not to mention the ever-changing needs in the realm of technology.

State of Michigan school funding laws set a variety of limitations on how General Fund monies are used in the operation of a school system. This bond issue is requesting millage beyond mills levied for day-to-day operation. This additional millage will cost the average taxpayer less than $4 per month! Sounds like a bargain to me.

On Aug. 4th vote yes for the Negaunee Public Schools’ bond issue and vote yes for Negaunee’s school children. For a small investment we will uphold our responsibility to maintain and improve our school buildings for many years to come.


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