Assessing situation

To the Journal editor:

The virus is still with us. Many states have opened up and Michigan may soon also. It’s just time to wait and see if COVID-19 starts up again. From watching the news, many have already forgotten how bad it was.

More than 139,000 deaths and counting plus many are still getting infected. I suggested people use caution and listen to the CDC people. The doctors who give us the best advice, not our president. It’s sad to see our country so divided.

As I have written before of days gone by, people cared for one another and those who were sent to Washington also had more concern about the well-being of all the people.

Also our medical system was not run by insurance companies.

As for being as they say the best country to live in I have my doubts. As I turned 80 in January, I’ve been reflecting again on times gone by. To me it’s not getting better. Not only many are left behind but we are not taking good care of our earth. Climate change is real. If things continue it will be much worse than these pandemics we have had through the years.

Once we damage our environment, we don’t have a vaccine to stop it. As I have said many times we should realize that many many more people on our earth and getting more than we need such as millions of more cares to pollute our air and more garbage we produce, plastics, etc. How much longer can we do it?

For me, I may not be around to see it. That’s OK. But I feel sorry for those coming after the so called new generation.

Just a note on U.S. population. In 1957 we had 171 million. Now we have 330 million, almost 160 million more people in the last 60 years or so.

Final question. Can we continue to have enough food if the population continues to increase? My answer is maybe not.

From my years of living, I have to be honest and say times were better when we did not have to have everything and most of all it seemed to be a country that people cared about what was happening and tried to protect and care not only for one another but for our good earth, also.


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