Watch out for Big Brother

To the Journal editor:

Love is preached everywhere. Among its manifestations are filial love, love of nature or love of one’s occupation. Exclusive of an abiding love for the Creator, there is a singular love which, once consummated, remains permanent.

At a gut level some judge a person by his looks and by the way he sounds. Take Gov. Andrew Cuomo. What do you hear when he speaks? For many, it is a goose-honking, sonorous nasal-toned voice uttered with an impelling urgency. Assessing the deep creases in his cheeks he might be regarded as Lincolnesque were it not for the zealous, college-boy expression he projects whenever he spouts his dreary platitudes. His message at times does a one hundred eighty turn, subtracting from his credibility. Not easy to love him.

Old Joe Biden is much easier to love. His grandfatherly Howdy-Doody visage complemented by a wide, radiant symmetrical smile makes Cuomo look like a chump. When it comes to voice, he’s one up on Cuomo–both share the nasal tone, but Old Joe lacks the goose-honk quality, a definite liability for Cuomo but a plus for Joe. One can almost overlook Joe’s plagiarism and his steady stream of gaffes.

The aforementioned permanent love transpires through force. A harsh example is found in George Orwell’s novel, “1984,” in which the chief protagonist, Winston, is transformed from being a lover of freedom into an abject serf of the state via machinations of Big Brother. Operating on the sly until he’s ultimately cast as an enemy of the state, he becomes one of its most devoted servants. “Freedom is Slavery” takes on a whole new meaning for Winston.

It is not enough to obey Big Brother; one must learn to love him. In a Hollywood version of “1984,” Winston is seen with tears of gratitude welling in his eyes as he sits over a cup of gin while watching Big Brother’s bomber fleet roaring above to destroy a fictitious enemy. “Long live Big Brother,” he bellows.

A firmly established, one-party system invariably results in tyranny. Just keep the people happy. Give them bread crumbs and their cup of gin. True love by everyone for Big Brother will thus be cemented, and will endure from now until the end of time.

May we see tears of joy flowing liberally from eyes, for too long dim, should that occur. But after a second thought, let’s hope we don’t.


Newell, West Virginia


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