Voting by mail appropriate

To the Journal editor:

We have a classic case of “chutzpah” on the topic of mail in voting, as Donald Trump had railed and threatened your state with withholding funding, by giving all registered Michigan voters the option to vote by mail. Trump claimed this could cause widespread voter fraud.

Although, mail-in voting was fine for him and Melania when they did it in Florida earlier this year and no mention of fraud then.

Now the military has used vote by mail since 1864 with no cases of fraud.

If Trump does succeed in limiting vote by mail option, this will affect thousands of veterans, who for their service are physically disabled, with others who are suffering from effects of exposure to Agent Orange, to victims of the burn pits.

Now in this COVID-19 pandemic it’s important that Congress allocates at least $4 billion in federal funding to the states for the vote by mail option.

The election that Wisconsin had a month or so ago proves that voters are at risk for their health, as over 50 people contracted coronavirus.



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