Testing went well

To the Journal editor:

I am writing to express appreciation for the community service provided (recently) by the Marquette County Health Department and the Michigan National Guard.

They, along with several other supportive organizations, offered COVID-19 tests for free to interested/concerned local citizens.

It is my understanding that the funding was provided through the State of Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and coordinated by the Michigan National Guard which provided staff to direct traffic and do the testing.

Staff at the Health Department provided organizational planning and worked with the local Emergency Manager.

The results of all this coordination were simply amazing so that the experience of local residents was positive. Over 200 tests were given and because people did not have to leave their cars to sign up or get the tests, exposure to others was minimal. Guard members directed traffic with efficiency and courtesy.

Staff at the check-in points provided instructions and explanations with great patience and an emphasis on safety. Car windows needed to be only partially opened and there was no physical contact.

Medically trained National Guard staff did the tests, again with great courtesy and patience.

Thanks to all the agencies involved and the staff and individuals providing the services. It was

an impressive cooperative effort.

With appreciation,




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