Support police officers

To the Journal editor:

In November 2016, the liberal/progressive wing of the Democratic Party gave us the great orange one by backing a flawed presidential candidate. Fast forward to 2020 and they are poised once again to give us four more years of Commander-In-Chief Bonespurs.

Calling for the defunding or disbanding of police departments across the nation is non-sensical and will not engender the votes of most rational, moderate Democrats, Independents or Republicans. Medical errors kill many people annually, but we do not call for the defunding or closure of hospitals, clinics and emergency rooms.

Talking heads believe that better police training will eliminate the unjust taking of a life. But, how about better training (education) of the general public in submitting to arrest? In Michigan, resisting arrest is a felony, punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

Legislators, in their wisdom, understood that resisting arrest could result in injury or death of either the police or arrestee, so they enacted this into law. County prosecutors routinely use this charge to encourage plea bargains to lesser offenses.

Recent events have been painful to watch. People of color being suffocated or shot in the back while fleeing police have enraged the nation. What is lost in the discussion is that the vast majority of men and women in law enforcement do an incredible job under the most difficult of circumstances and scrutiny.

They deserve our continuing support — not derision.


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