Shut Line 5 down

To the Journal editor:

Midland, Michigan, suffered a catastrophic flood effecting thousands of people, properties and businesses after a nearly century old, poorly maintained dam failed.

About 2,500 Midland County homes and businesses with losses of almost $175 million have been reported. 115 are considered destroyed and 790 have major damage. Wixom and Sanford lakes, now drained, leave surrounding lakefront properties virtually unsaleable.

Damage assessments of over $34 million have been submitted to the governor’s office. A request for a presidential disaster declaration has been submitted.

This catastrophe was predicted and completely preventable. The privately owned dam was 96 years old and had suffered years of maintenance neglect.

What can we learn to prevent another predictable and preventable catastrophe of even greater proportions?

The Great Lakes contain one-fifth of the world’s fresh surface water, provide drinking water to 40 million people and support the economy of northern Michigan through fishing, tourism, and transport.

Enbridge, a Canadian oil company, owns the 67-year-old Line 5 pipeline. It transports oil under the Mackinac straits. Enbridge has a proven record of … pipeline leaks currently jeopardizing Michigan lands and waterways.

Line 5 is a predictable and preventable danger threatening all that is Pure Michigan. Shut it down now!


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