Proceed with caution

To the Journal editor:

With more businesses starting to open, we still have restrictions to follow. But it is not a choice between human or economic health. You can’t have one without the other. Most countries have practiced strict social distancing and are opening back up with reduced risk to population.

Their economies are not destroyed and have done better than us in both cases.

Good to see most business doing their best to keep customers, and employees, as safe as possible. I am discouraged at how many do not follow directions and wear masks. The biggest asset of a mask is protecting others by not spreading virus in public. One person’s rights end where another’s begin and not wearing a mask is a violation of the rights of others. Rights have responsibilities and to maintain those rights we need to be responsible to each other. Without the community acting for the common good we don’t have freedom we have anarchy.

Tourism is our biggest economic activity. Most of our visitors will come from highly infected urban areas seeking relief from stricter restrictions back home. We should welcome them and their business, but demand respect for our healthy environment and follow guidelines to keep us and themselves safe. It will be especially important for all of us to demonstrate what we expect from them. So wear a mask in confined public areas as designated.

With expanded activity we still have to sacrifice some personal freedom, but others sacrifice much more. Many health care workers and first responders are going through, long hours, dangerous conditions and limited family contact. The death rate for them is rather high in infected cities. It is a bit selfish to ignore our guidelines due to perceived inconvenience. Makes our sacrifice seem a bit petty in comparison.

Law enforcement is on the front line of this battle. It is unfair to hold them accountable for doing their job to enforce the law. A majority want a responsible economic reentry. Any misuse of government power should be addressed in court according to the Constitution. This is a war. Every one of us doing our part to protect others and reduce suffering are warriors. Those whose job is head to the danger at increased risk to themselves and family are the heroes. Those encouraging reckless behavior, creating more dangerous situations for the heroes to face are being unpatriotic and inconsiderate.




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