Postal Service needs support

To the Journal editor:

As we say thank you to our essential workers, let’s have a good thought for our postal workers. And let’s remember that Donald Trump and his allies want to … privatize it. Imagine voting by mail this fall if the postal service is not funded. To make matters worse, the president is using the post office as a weapon in his arguments with the owner of Amazon and The Washington Post.

Congress requires the postal service to pre-fund, to set aside cash 75 years in advance for the health care costs of retirees. That’s billions of dollars a year set aside for people who haven’t retired or even been born yet. No other company has a requirement like that. They couldn’t just say, “We want to bankrupt the postal service so our donors can get richer.” So they found an indirect way to do it.

If you like having safe, reliable mail service, tell Rep. Jack Bergman, R-Watersmeet, and our senators to give the post office the money it needs.




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