Job well done

To the Journal editor:

I am reaching out … in collaboration with the American Society of Radiologic Technologists regarding the important role that radiologic technologists play in the management of patients with the coronavirus.

Radiologic technologists perform critical diagnostic exams such as chest x-rays and CT scans used in identifying pneumonia like complications of COVID-19, and they also perform other imaging procedures to confirm placement of ventilators when the need arises in patients having breathing difficulty.

Radiation therapists are on the frontlines too, as they are vital in maintaining uninterrupted daily treatment of cancer patients, along with continuation of care for cancer patients impacted by COVID-19.

There are more than 10,000 registered and certified radiologic technologists and radiation therapists making a difference for patients every day in the state of Michigan, and they make up the third largest group of health care professionals nationally.

Please join me in recognizing the hardworking and courageous medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals, along with physicians, nurses, and support staff, as they are frontline heroes who deserve our sincere appreciation for the care and compassion they provide day in and day out.

Please also join me in acknowledging the dedication of the educators and students who have persevered during this pandemic.

Well done, Radiologic Sciences Team!


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