Whitmer hurting businesses in closure

To the Journal editor:

I would like Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to rethink the closing of businesses.

I own Getz’s Department Store, a business that has provided quality clothing for more than a century in downtown Marquette.You were in our store last year. I need to tell you what a terrible impact this decision has made on our business. You have made a decision that has been based on lower Michigan.

You should be basing the decision on county by county. Your decision is crushing the back bone of America. Marquette County is good.

Going into summer the city of Marquette has cancelled all sources of revenue for Marquette. This is the worst nightmare only one could imagine.

We are sitting on a huge inventory and are unable to move it. Yet the Big Stores are selling like products. We sell scrubs for frontline workers as well as PPE for gas and other utilities.

You should have the confidence that most people will follow what’s correct in protecting themselves from getting this virus. You cannot keep business closed indefinitely.

Small business does not have endless purse strings.

We know how to protect ourselves. Please lighten up here. Let everyone protect themselves! You’re treating adults as if they were children.


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