Teamwork needed

To the Journal editor:

Have you ever been accused of something you know you did not do? Most of us have.

Have you ever been accused of this deed by millions of people? Have these false accusations been tossed about by millions of people for over three years? How would you respond in a situation like this?

I think I would become bitter from all the false accusations. The only one I know who has withstood false accusations from untold billions of people and still has love for his enemies, is Jesus!

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, second in line to the presidency, claims that she prays for our president every day. Does she pray for good things? Does she have patriotism for our country?

In my opinion, she has contested nearly every move our president has done to improve the lives of our citizens! This country is divided!

There is no independent thinking among our representatives. Voting is clearly along party lines. Jesus says in Matt 12:25 “Every Kingdom divided against itself will be brought to ruin.” How close are we to losing our country? It is being torn apart by division!

COVID-19 is putting this country to the test. Will we work together to re-establish this great nation, blessed by God beyond measure, or will we fight among ourselves and destroy this country?


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