Safety needed on bike path

To the Journal editor:

As both a walker and a biker who uses the trails throughout the Marquette area, I am sometimes irritated when a biker goes whizzing by me unexpectedly while I’m walking or when walkers step out in front of me when I’m on my bike. These scenarios are not safe for anyone. I thought a reminder of common courtesy rules might be helpful now that people are getting outside more.

Walkers and bikers can both safely share the space by following a few simple measures. Walkers need to stay to the right of the trails to allow bikers enough space to pass on the left. They should be aware of their surroundings and mindful of approaching bikers. Bikers should slow down when approaching walkers and call out “passing on your left.” Walkers, being forewarned, can move to the right, allowing the bikers more room to pass by.

These may seem like simple measures, hardly worth mentioning, but when you’re out walking or biking on crowded paths, these rules can keep people safe. If everyone follows these basic common courtesy measures, walkers and bikers will be able to share the trails in a safe manner.

In addition, more signs posting these rules along the trails would ensure that people know what the rules are. Sometimes we wrongly assume people know the rules and just choose not to follow them when that is not the case.




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