Downtown shopper wants safety

To the Journal editor:

As a dedicated downtown Marquette shopper and Getz’s enthusiast, I was concerned to read Carol Getz’s words regarding the struggle of our downtown businesses given the mandatory shutdown.

How I wish I agreed with her notion that we can be trusted to resume retail shopping while protecting ourselves and others!

Sadly, the evidence around us suggests otherwise. We seem to have our safety, legal rights, economics, and moral obligations a bit mixed up at present.

I ventured into one of the Big Stores for the first time this week. While most folks were masked and politely distanced, not all were.

In an interesting take on Ms. Getz’s notion that we can be trusted to behave as adults, the unmasked patrons struck me as childish. Certainly, they increased health risk for employees and other shoppers. I will not be repeating that venture any time soon.

My family has been shopping at Getz’s for three generations. It’s always delightful but it’s close quarters. We intend to be faithful to them and other downtown businesses and I don’t think we are alone in our enthusiasm. I hope they will consider creative ways to keep their local customer base engaged.

To Ms. Getz and all our local business owners: We are here for you! Consider making an online splash and point it out to The Mining Journal. Rotate the displays in those big beautiful windows often.

Think about curbside service or even local delivery. We will drive, walk or bike by to see what you’re up to.

We miss you downtown, but need to continue to keep our families and frontline workers safe, as we have done admirably in the U.P. so far.


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