Don’t raise road

To the Journal editor:

One detail of the Lakeshore Boulevard renovation project bothers me. From earliest reports of the public hearings, there were appeals that the moved road be elevated sufficiently to give drivers and passengers views of Lake Superior.

I notice in the latest budget statement on the city’s website that the entry for “Road Relocation” says, “Street and multi-use pathway provide direct line of sight to lake.”

It is my sincere hope that the road elevation is only sufficient to minimize any damage from surface water (and/or other road stability concerns) and not at all chosen to provide scenic distraction to drivers.

It is my understanding that the overall project provides sufficient parking areas for those who want to view the lake, so that we who regularly drive that road will not need to deal with those who insist upon sight-seeing while driving.

The city of Marquette should not be in the business of contributing to distracted driving, especially if it is contributing to the price tag of the relocation project.




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