Biden may be one

To the Journal editor:

(Here are) some observations from the past months.

This was a bumper sticker displayed in a public place.

Trump 2020/F**k Your Feelings (edited for newspaper).

An Independent friend went to experience a Trump rally. She felt intimidated to clap and cheer for Trump. Trump taunted the “fake media” and she feared they were not safe from the rally-goers.

There is a group that has held a sign display on the same street corner for three years. They hold banners and sometimes cheer “dump Trump” or “protect democracy.” They are mostly female retirees.

This spring, young white male Trump supporters have come with flags and bull horns. They get too close and taunt, hoping for confrontation. Then, Proud Boys, a violent group, also came. The sign holders quit their action, fearing for their safety.

Now we have the demonstrators in Lansing, carrying Trump flags and automatic weapons into the capital.

Is this combative behavior good for our country?

Trump stokes this behavior. His weapons of choice are fear and hate. You versus Us.

You may be reading these observations and saying, ” I am a Trump supporter, but nothing like the people you describe above.” I’m sure there are supporters who are appalled by this behavior and would not participate in it. But are you still supportive of his re-election?

Please consider that voting for Trump enables the hateful behavior he provokes. It could only get more pervasive with his re-election.

Nothing good can come from the ugly division caused by Trump. With our image in the world already destroyed, are we also going to destroy ourselves from within? Can’t we agree that a new, positive leader is needed for the good of our country?

We need to heal. Joe Biden is not perfect, but he could unite us.


Alcona Township


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