Bergman must refocus

To the Journal editor:

It is about time for U.S.Rep. Jack Bergman, R-Watersmeet, to do his own job and quit trying to tell Gov. Gretchen Whitmer how to do her job.

His latest attempt at headlines is a disgrace. Clearly, if he was doing his job he would not have advised Gov. Whitmer how to handle our rural hospitals.

He would know that rural (Upper Peninsula) hospitals have been having financial issues for years and a major source of these financial issues was caused by the continued decline in federal funding for rural hospitals. This is an issue created by Congress, not the state of Michigan.

Why is Rep. Bergman not working to authorize federal funding to support Michigan and the other states for the revenues lost due to COVID-19? The lost state revenues are also the same dollars used in revenue sharing to support all of our cities, villages, towns, schools, police, fire and other first responders and hospitals.

Congress has promised to take care of the states next time when they have passed each phase of COVID-19 related funding.

Trillions of dollars have been allocated for many causes, but not our police, fire, hospitals, other first responders, schools, cities, towns and villages. These groups are facing 20-30% cuts if the federal government continues to do nothing to help. Promises do not pay our bills.

Rep. Bergman needs to start by putting partisan politics aside in this health crisis and step up and do his job. He needs to support funding for states and support oversight on where the money goes, now.

Doesn’t it seem odd that large political donor companies and sports teams received funds from the prior bills meant for small businesses?




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