Adult behavior needed

To the Journal editor:

Many in this state have created for themselves a major disconnect to what was in the founding of the United States.

A free country was never meant to be a nation to do whatever you want whenever you want. The childish elementary school, “this is a free country” is a misused and misinterpreted phrase.

When we became independent from England, that is what was meant by free country. If people go back and look of the documents when the nation was founded the main item that created us was a document, a document of laws, a Constitution.

The concept of law and order was on the Founding Fathers’ minds when developing a nation. Never have I thought an armed “militia” would be gathered in a state capital building just because their “freedom” to get their hair done is baffling for this historian/theologian (along with others).

They are troubling scenes in the images that I saw today. I have preached many times that we must love one another and care for one another.

How is this showing those things? Fighting what we don’t like with fear? By that I mean showing up with assault weapons to bring fear into others. Intimidation. No love, no compassion, no caring.

It is quite apparent that the people that call out liberals for being too offended easily are the ones getting overly offended. I don’t like some of the orders but you know what it’s to keep people safe.

Think of “Bar Rescue” with John Taffer, “you’ll get people sick” every time you’re in a group. All of this is serious.

We must do what we can to help our neighbors by staying away from our neighbors. To love them by staying away from them. Write to them, Zoom them, Facebook them, love them by letting them know you still care from a distance.


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