Wash your hands!

To the Journal editor:

A diagnoses can be had when testing is possible. The said testing is possible when; testing personal are protected, sampling swabs are available, and labs are equipped to test samples.

Once there is a diagnoses, treatment can be prescribed.

It is possible to break the barrier of COVID-19 with soap and water. So, wash your hands -the entire household- and only when soap and water is not available use a hand sanitizer

Quarantine yourself.

We’ve all read this or seen or heard some or all of these basic 4 practices one doctor stressed as a means for all of us to take part and have a sense of control over what is apparently out of control-the spread of COVID-19.

And we are in every media given the reminder that for most only flu like symptoms will be experienced.I will not go so far as to say, “It is nothing, just like the flu. It’ll go away miraculously.”

Many are currently quite ill; a 7 year old in Italy has been intubated, many have died.

Many people understandably are frightened and want a diagnoses for any flu symptoms they may be experiencing. Sadly, what is needed immediately are the; facilities, equipment and personnel all over. The national disaster is the lack of preparedness available immediately!

Much of health care including mental health is lacking in collaborative diagnostics.

Treatment can only be done when proven medicinal formulations are available and along with that, the vaccine(s) to prevent additional infection(s).

A vaccine may be available in 12 to 18 months. Treatment options for many pathological disorders have been compromised in our current healthcare system already.

Washing hands is about the simplest of self care tasks anyone of us can do. Soap and water smell good and if you need to add singing to it by all means sing it out.

We do need a reliable source of good clean water-all of us- goes without saying

What we do not need is more sacrificing of the lambs. The heroic millennial Dr. Li, or to lose esteemed medical professionals of experience who are offer to assist or teachers who want the best for the Generation Ys, or family or friends or anyone we even vaguely know. Because it breaks our hearts.

We need to value people over profit. Our responsible actions to address all the concerning issues at hand can facilitate healing.

Rosa Musket



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