Trump not up to job

To the Journal editor:

When this plague called the coronavirus or COVID-19, the president was warned by our various spy agencies back in January. He chose to be dismissive and ignored the warning. Now he’s trying to rewrite history.

He, and his loyal followers, thought that the Democrats and those who dislike him, (manufactured) this to be a hoax. Case in fact: Florida U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz jokingly wore a gas mask while sitting in the capitol during a session, only to find out while on Air Force One, that he too tested positive for COVID-19.

This disease doesn’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican, black, brown or white.

This is the first real disaster that this administration has really had happen to it.

Frankly, it’s been the governors who have shown leadership during this crisis)

And, when the governors asked for help, Trump said that they were ungrateful.

He was acting like these much-needed items was coming from his own personal supply and his money. That’s also what son-in-law Jared thinks!

Lastly, Trump is always turning this plague and suffering families are now enduring, always to be about him.

Watch how he turns those press conferences into campaign rallies, and just show how un-presidential, and clueless he is.

David Kumpula

Hoffman Estates, Illinois


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