Getting through social distancing

To the Journal editor:

It is strange being in COVID-19 lockdown. I miss my family and friends and the people of our community. I miss going to church and social gatherings.

There are benefits, though. I’m getting physically stronger by taking daily walks. Strangers greet me with friendliness and laughter. I’m listening to the birds sing and watching the grass turn green.

I’m clutter-cleaning and gradually making progress. I’m catching up on my writing. My husband is helping me with my computer work.

Cousins and friends have reached out to me from St. Louis, Wisconsin, California, even England. Friends have prayed with my on my front porch and by phone.

This time of isolation has become a blessing to me.

I read these words in the Bible this morning. “… I am shut up, and cannot come forth…friend hast thou put far from me …” — Psalm 88:8,18 “… unto thee, O Lord, do I lift up my soul.” — Psalm 86:4 “In the day of trouble I will call upon thee: for thou wilt answer me.” — Psalm 86:7

I send love and prayers to my fellow Yoopers and whoever reads this newspaper.


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