Trump doing job

To the Journal editor:

Any objective observation, critique, or criticism of the Trump administration must fairly acknowledge comparative actions of other administrations.

The March 2 “Rule of Law rules” letter sends a good message but at the wrong time.The letter should have been written when Barack Obama was president and Attorney General Eric Holder was his “right hand man.” “Aiding and abetting” was sort of rampant then.

Malice and base motives? That was also then. The rule of law indeed glues our society; but, the notion that President Trump and his Attorney General Barr need to be told, because they may not understand, that their roles are to seek truth and justice while they fail to do so is a bit rich considering that our Presidents phone was tapped as soon as he sat at his desk.

Entrenched self righteous bureaucrats in the DOJ, FBI and other agencies colluded wrongfully to obstruct and to supplant their judgment over our presidents at every turn.

If any fabric of our democracy was threatened, this was then … Without space for elaborating support, which would be easy, let me suffice to say that the fruits of their efforts were phony investigations and impeachments.

Punishing political enemies? That was then …

At what point are we undergoing an assault on law enforcement? President Trump openly supports our troops, police, border patrol, ICE agents or any other security official executing his or her job.

When our president illuminates and cleans out corruption and resistance from recalcitrant bureaucrats he is also doing the job we elected him for.




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