This is God’s Country

To the Journal editor:

Starting with spring — when nature awakens and flowers begin to bloom! Leaves on the trees appear. Daylight hours become longer, and the warmth of the sun is surely welcome. We then see the snow begin to melt and green grass appearing. The beauty of spring should bring us outdoors more often. That will be only for a short time.

Next comes summer — more flowers to see and much warmer temperatures. The increased hours of daylight are welcome, and it is time to get outside more often and take time to enjoy the beach and go swimming. There are many other activities like biking the many bike baths and walking the trails. It’s a change most of us are ready for. It is a time to explore what wonders the U.P. of Michigan has to offer, such as 121 lakes, streams and vast forests to enjoy again.

The next of the seasons is autumn — it offers a different kind of beauty. The flowers fade but the trees then show us the colors red, orange and yellow. What a time to make sure to see that change. Also the roads are nice to drive before the ice and snow. The beauty of the U.P. is really on display during autumn.

Then comes our last change of seasons — winter. Many look at it as a dismal season. Cold, short days and snow.

But stop and look at all winter has to offer. The first snowfall is white and clean. No insects to bother you. The air is fresh and clean and it’s time to go skiing or snowmobiling. And, of course, this is Christmas time of year when your family and friends get together to remember the blessings God provides. It is time to give thans for our changing season.

Then we are into the New Year! It is the start of many different seasons to enjoy all over again. If you have a more positive attitude about the seasons and take the time to see the wonders of each season, then joy will come to remember that we who live in the U.P. call it “God’s Country!”

These are words of encouragement as I begin with the seasons of change. When I took time myself to realize the beauty and the great place I call my home, Marquette, Michigan!

Thank you for appreciating the season we are blessed with.




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