Some of the hysteria is misdirected

To the Journal editor:

I am among many people who don’t ever want to catch COVID-19 or the coronavirus. But I am not hysterical about it.

My loved ones in Ohio tell me about the terrible fear there. They say the stores have no more toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, soap, hand sanitizers, peanut butter, ramen noodles and many other items.

Walmart in Marquette is selling out of toilet paper and hand sanitizer as soon as they are stocked.

The president says we are testing millions of people for the virus. I believe that he thinks taking temperatures of people constitutes “testing.” He admits to never having studied science, but has “gut feelings” and “hunches” about all things scientific.

Unlike a dummy like me who has studied science from 1960 until the present and has worked in medicine for 30 years on three continents. Yet I know I will never stop learning.

But this hysteria has encouraged me to wonder: where is the panic over school, workplace and houses of worship shootings?

And why do those who get drunk and kill many on the highways get a slap on the hand and often keep their driver’s licenses? Where is the fear and anger in these cases?

Please in November, let’s vote in a person who is educated and honest and is not a bully.




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