Rep must do more

To the Journal editor:

U.S. Rep. Jack Bergman, R-Watersmeet, your duty is to oversee the president. Start doing your job.

He is a bully and demagog and wants to run our country single-handed. You have been put in office to represent the people and not follow 45 blindly.

You have a duty to speak out. His words are atrocious, his tweets are despicable and most of the public is against his policies, especially those harmful to the underserved and our environment.

He says we have COVID-19 “under control.” Oh, really? Not true and this is just one of his many lies. We should be able to trust our president, not this president. He doesn’t know how to say truths and the coronavirus is one issue so important to pay attention to.

He is steering our country to feel safe. We are not safe. He is only thinking of his re-election and has been since 2017, at our expense, no less.

Never have I seen anything like this in our White House! Well, this particular lie is going to bite him. We will be voting him out!

Do your job. Oversee what is happening in our democracy and speak out. It is your duty.


Lake Ann


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