Ladies, take heed

To the Journal editor:

Today, more than ever, opportunity exists for woman to achieve higher stature in our nation. Gains already attained are almost too numerous to mention: equality in the workplace, provision for childcare and an increased presence in the political arena where most prominent voices are heard.

The clarion calls of Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to achieve loftier aims resonate loudly in our nation’s vast public forum — social justice for everyone.

Even greater stature for women may be realized. A welcomed enhancement requires but occasional hiatus from involvement in respective political agendas, however important they may be. A return from time to time to every day affairs that keep households happy and prospering such as washing dishes, scrubbing floors, cleaning toilets, preparing food for families or changing an infant’s diapers is highly recommended. A curriculum in home economics is advised for the inexperienced.

Once again I cite Amelia Bloomer as a woman who embodied these virtues. As one of the foremost crusaders for woman’s rights of the 19th century, Mrs. Bloomer shared a platform with prominent feminists such as Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

Causes such as suffrage for women, temperance and a greater role for women in running affairs in a nation dominated by men were championed by these illustrious ladies, who undoubtedly are the progenitors of gains made by women today.

Modern-day feminists, noted for repelling stridency, might draw inspiration from the exemplary life led by Mrs. Bloomer. Not only did Amelia strive to improve woman’s lot throughout her entire career, but she always found time to host sewing circles and bake cookies to be served with pitchers of milk at a Sunday school picnic. Instead of yelling and screaming all the time, our ladies would do well to emulate Mrs. Bloomer’s fruitful activities and divest some of their seemingly boundless energies into wholesome activities of their own making, in addition to implementing household chores.

Peripheral adaptations are also needed.

Modern-day feminist, wear decorous apparel. Get rid of those trousers and doff the army-style khaki trunks you may be wearing as an undergarment. Removing the army trunks and donning more provocative lingerie should not only “ameli(a)orate” a widely-held perception of a grim, uninviting militancy, but should also redound with great favor to you as evinced by a glowing new image of an alluring femininity.

Ladies, do not procrastinate; seize the enrichment so readily available.


Newell, WVa.


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