What does Jack Bergman have to say?

To the Journal editor:

U.S. Rep. Jack Bergman claims he wants to protect our senior citizens by protecting Social Security and Medicare.

According to the flyer received from Jack Bergman December 2019, published and mailed at taxpayer expense: ”Social Security and Medicare provide critical benefits to over 60 million retired or disabled workers and their family members. In 2016, the federal government spent over $700 billion covering almost 60 million beneficiaries, and by 2026 Medicare spending is expected to double to $1.3 trillion.

U.S. Rep. Bergman will not support proposals that would reduce benefits for those at, or near, retirement age. A promise made is a promise kept and Michigan seniors paid into these programs with a promise that they would receive benefits when they retire. ”

The GOP’s 2017 tax cut for the top 1% that Jack Bergman voted for has increased our national debt by another $1 trillion for 2019 alone. Is this fiscally responsible? Wasn’t this supposed to pay for itself? The GOP and their benefactors have for many years considered Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security entitlement programs. They have tried varying approaches to reduce, minimize, and eliminate these programs for decades.

In 2017, the Trump GOP tried and is continuing to reduce, minimize the Responsible Care Act including the elimination of Medicaid. The Democrats are focused on protecting these resources that help so many people. If the Trump GOP is allowed majority in the Senate and the Presidency through 2024, their goal will be total elimination of these programs which I thought would never happen! Why don’t the Republicans want our senior citizens and disabled neighbors to have access to affordable health care?

The Trump GOP has budgeted severe cuts for 2021 in Social Security disability and both Medicaid and Medicare and we are still 9 months from the elections.

It appears as if the plan is to continue the demise of these programs a little at a time, each year, through the budget process to reduce a debt that they created.

As our U.S. representative for the 1st District has stated “A promise made is a promise kept for our Michigan seniors.” Has anyone heard a response from Jack Bergman?


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