Proud of Redmen/Redette heritage

To the Journal editor:

I have been following both sides of the discussion regarding the longstanding Marquette Senior High School nickname and it is clear a nerve has been struck with the majority because of the surreptitious and biased consideration for a nickname change.

As a three-sport athlete I was very proud to represent my school and community, just as other former athletes were. I do not believe enough consideration is being given to what the alumni or people who have lived the history of MSHS have done for the district or what they mean to its future.

Non-alumni cannot effectively express the importance of this; they have zero ties to it and don’t seem to be invested in preserving a very successful history.

And, the history of the name Redmen is significant. There was no malice involved when the name was derived–those that fail to acknowledge this are being ignorant, IMO. To say that a school nickname is causing an adverse learning environment is preposterous. It’s not the nickname causing this atmosphere, it’s the people contriving it as a problem and the minions who are exacerbating the situation within the walls of the district. That’s the problem that needs to be addressed. The Redmen roots have been strong for over 50 years. Take away the roots of anything and what happens?

Furthermore, the method in which this process was conducted is deplorable. This was clearly orchestrated to achieve an outcome held by a very small self-interest group. This group has created a conflict where no conflict existed and it was perpetuated with the formation of a one-sided committee directed to perform “research” that guided responses toward a name change.

I have been teaching for 22 years and I am not only offended by these actions, but disgusted that “educators” would model a process that is one-sided and claim it as actual research. If a student submitted this as a project, he/she would fail due to several cases of bias.

MSHS has a nickname that was forged by the school’s founding father. A nickname symbolizing the red that was worn by those who proudly stood to represent their school.

A nickname that brings pride to a great many in this community. Removing the past creates no direction for the future. Keep the history and preserve the future of the Redmen.

A proud Marquette Redette,


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