Impeachment a waste of time

To the Journal editor:

In regards to the impeachment, I have to agree with the president. It was a “sham,” a “hoax,” a “fake.” It was all that. But it is not “fake,” a “hoax” or a “sham” in any way shape or form in the manner the President implies. Not at all. Chief Judge Roberts is a figure head. Powerless. Window dressing. To preside means 1) To exercise guidance, direction, or control. 2) To occupy the place of control. Roberts’ position fails to meet either of these definitions. The president has been proven to be guilty of the charges placed against him. He has refused to comply with multiple subpoenas for documents. He has ordered that his subordinates refuse to comply with subpoenas. He and his supporters in both houses of Congress have repeatedly lied about virtually everything.

First, denying that he had done anything wrong in the first place and then changing their stories progressively until now they do not deny he has done anything wrong, to “okay, he broke the law but it’s not impeachable.” It is impeachable and he has been impeached. The charges of impeachment have been presented to the Senate. Here is where the “fake,” “sham” hoax” truly begins. A number of “jurors” have openly declared their bias and their intent to not hold a fair trial.

McConnell and Graham being the two most prominent, but there are others, less well known, who have said the same thing. The constitution states that the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court “shall preside over the impeachment of the president.” In my opinion a powerless judge in these cases would be unconstitutional. Allowing the majority of the “jurors” to make the rules I believe goes against the intent of the constitution.

Allowing the “jurors” to openly conspire with the defendant in his defense really goes against the intent of the constitution.

Senate Republicans refusing to call witnesses and accept new evidence demonstrates f their collusion with this administration to subvert justice.

The real “fake,” “sham,” “hoax” is the Republicans refusal to adhere to their oaths of office and to the oath they took before the trial began to “do impartial justice according to the constitution and laws.”


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