Homelessness not a disease

To the Journal editor:

I have read the Police log in The Mining Journal for several years and have noted something that troubles me. When reporting the activities in the Police log, the identities of those involved are protected and respected — EXCEPT in the case of someone deemed “Homeless.” “Homeless subject moved along,” “Homeless subject drunk on the bike path,” “Unwanted Homeless subject sleeping in the laundromat,” etc. etc. etc. Being “Homeless” is not a person’s identity — it is someone’s current condition, brought about by many circumstances. When other reports are issued, I don’t read descriptions of current conditions — no “Currently unemployed” or “Recently divorced” or “Currently a student” or a “tourist.” You can fill in the blank here. This labeling seems unfair to me and only serves to divide us in ways that are not healthy for our community. Can we do better? Thanks for listening,