Years bring changes

To the Journal editor:

Entering a new year 2020, plus a new decade, on Jan. 19 I will have turned 80 years old. That’s eight decades — what a change I’ve seen through the years. In many of my (letters to the editor) I have reflected on changes, good and bad. From my experience I would have to say we are on a course that I hope we may all realize and take time to work for more positive ways to improve and help all people. Our medical system as I have seen has not gotten better. Many are not cared for like I remember. Not enough doctors or nurses plus the medications one has to have are very expensive. Some cannot afford them.

Driving is very dangerous. Many times I have seen people pass on the no passing zones and going much too fast. Speed limits are 65 mph and almost 80 mph on the interstate highways. Just think of all of the cars, trucks etc. Almost everyone has their own car. The climate change is for real. Many do not believe it. Most of the experts that have been studying the weather say that we are for sure changing our weather because of pollution of the air, water, etc. I remember being in some of the big cities in the USA. It’s so bad you can’t see the stars in the night sky. Many places the rivers are like mud and the oceans are getting polluted with waste.

Finally our system of government is in a mess. No one seems to try to work together for the good of the people. Money in Washington takes away the concern of the many that are just trying to make a living. Our representatives seem to follow the money trail. Time will tell. I just hope we will come back to the many values of times past. Honest, caring for one another, love, respect.

I remember those times years ago most people did not have much but we did care for each other and most were honest. The air was clean and one could see the beautiful stars at night and life was at a slower pace. I was glad and happy to live those years long ago.

Happy New Year to all!