What’s Trump got to do with it?

To the Journal editor:

A recent editorial page item depicted a rising economic chant with a caption from a woman saying “Ya Gotta give Trump credit!”


With so many voters, Democrats included, ready to concede the economy to Trump, I would like to offer my opinion to the contrary. This unprecedented econmic “miracle” can be attributed to one thing and one thing only — the technological “miracle” of fracking, turning the U.S. into the leading gas and oil producer overnight.

And what did Trump have to do with all that? He campaigned vigoroulsy promoting coal as the fuel of the future! (And he still got elected — go figure!)

But you can give Trump some credit for boosting the economy by slashing environmental laws and leasing out federal lands to the mining and timber industries. But that’s hardly an original idea from Trump. Republican presidents since Ronald Reagan have been exploiting this ploy, prompting me to ask this question — What is is about conservation that conservatives don’t seem to understand?