Talsma saluted

To the Journal editor:

Kudos are in order for Linda Talsma, Marquette County clerk, and her office. Ms. Talsma has made available hard copy applications for the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission in her office. The applications are mostly available online at the Secretary of State’s website. Not everyone across our region, or the U.P., has access to Internet and a printer. With our county clerks’ offices being on the front lines of insuring fair elections and representation, I hope other county clerks across the U.P. follow Ms. Talsma’s initiative and make hard copies of these applications available.

The more people that apply to be on the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission, the better chance of having a commission that represents all stripes and shades of Michiganders. It will also increase the odds of having a wide spectrum of Yoopers to choose from.

Thank you Linda for leading the way on this important matter.


Big Bay


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